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Master Scroll Snap with Bricks – One Page Website

Are you looking to spice up your WordPress website designs, especially single-page layouts? The Scroll Snap feature in Bricks Builder might be the creative touch you need.

This handy tool allows for a more interactive and smooth navigation experience for your website visitors. Let’s dive into how you can utilize Scroll Snap in your next project.

What is Scroll Snap?

Scroll Snap, as the name suggests, enables users to scroll through different sections of a webpage effortlessly. Imagine scrolling down a page and having it seamlessly snap to the next section without aligning it yourself perfectly. This feature particularly benefits portfolio sites or one-page landing pages with distinct sections.

Getting Started with Scroll Snap

Creating Sections

  1. Add a New Section: Add a new section in Bricks Builder. This will automatically insert a standard section with a container at the bottom of your page.
  2. Setting Up the Section:
    • Set the height of your section to 100 VH (Viewport Height) to ensure it occupies the full screen (alternatively, you can use SVH instead of VH).
    • Centre your content within the section for a balanced look.
    • For a visually appealing background, add an image to your section. Opt for full resolution to maintain image quality.

Designing the Section

  1. Creating a 50/50 Layout:
    • Use gradient overlays to create a split-screen effect. Adjust the colour stops to 50% to achieve a clear division.
    • Experiment with angles (like 90° or 125°) for different visual effects, creating either a straight split or a dynamic diagonal division.
  2. Adding Content:
    • Set your container to a specific width, such as 1600 pixels.
    • Divide the container into two blocks of 50% each for your content and images.

Implementing Scroll Snap

  1. Enabling Scroll Snap: Turn on the Scroll Snap option in the page settings.
  2. Configuring Scroll Snap:
    • Choose from different types like mandatory or proximity.
    • Select a suitable selector for the snap (sections, containers, or blocks).
    • Decide on the snap position – the section’s start, centre, or end.

Enhancing Navigation

  1. One-Page Navigation: Utilize the one-page navigation feature for easy scrolling. This can be represented by dots on the side of the page, allowing users to jump to different sections with a click.
  2. Customization: You can customize the navigation in terms of spacing, height, and more to match your design needs.

Finalizing and Testing

Once you have set up your sections and configured the Scroll Snap, don’t forget to save your changes. Test the functionality by scrolling through the page or using the one-page navigation dots.


Scroll Snap in Bricks Builder is a fantastic way to enhance the user experience on single-page websites. It adds a layer of sophistication and ease to your site navigation. Remember, the key is to get creative and experiment with different layouts and configurations to see what works best for your design.

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