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Mastering Nested Post Loops in Bricks Builder

Creating a structured and engaging listing website in WordPress often involves organizing content by categories. In this article, we'll delve into how to efficiently group content using nested post loops in Bricks Builder, drawing inspiration from Maxime at BricksLab.

Nested post loops are a powerful way to display categorized data. For instance, consider a food blog with categories like desserts, main meals, and vegan dishes. Using nested post loops, each category can neatly display its own posts.

Getting Started

The process begins with setting up a basic structure in Bricks Builder. This involves creating a section and a container to hold the content.

Step 1: Creating the First Loop for Categories

  1. Add a Block: This block will host the post categories.
  2. Insert a Heading: Add a heading to represent each category. Use dynamic data to automatically pull in the term name for each category.
  3. Enable Query Loop: Set the block to a ‘query loop’ and choose the ‘terms’ option to list the post categories.

Step 2: Setting Up the Nested Loop for Posts

  1. Add Another Block: Ensure this block is at the same hierarchical level as the category heading.
  2. Create a Post Query Loop: In this loop, you will add elements like headings, rich text, and images, all set to dynamic data. For instance, the heading will dynamically pull the post title.

Step 3: Connecting the Loops

The key to nested loops is linking the post loop to the category. This is done in the taxonomy query settings of the post query loop. You’ll set the taxonomy to match your categories (e.g., post categories) and use dynamic data to link to the term ID.

Styling and Final Touches

Once the loops are configured, you can apply styling. A simple grid layout with gaps can give a clean, organized look. Each category will neatly display its relevant posts, creating a well-structured and visually appealing layout.

Example in Action

After saving and previewing, you’ll see how categories like desserts, main meals, and vegan dishes have their own posts. This method offers a logical and attractive way to group and present content.


Nested post loops in Bricks Builder are a fantastic tool for organizing content on WordPress sites. By following these steps, you can create a listing site that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For further inspiration and guidance, check out Maxim’s original article at BricksLab and explore the possibilities Bricks Builder offers for your WordPress projects.

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