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Bricks Builder Mega Menu

Experience the newest addition to beta release version 1.8 - The Bricks Builder Mega Menu. Join me as I test it out and discover how it performs. Let's try out this exciting feature and see what it has to offer.

Today, we’ll be exploring a new feature that’s caught my attention in the 1.8 beta: The Mega Menu. Remember, this is just a sneak peek, not a full tutorial.

What’s the Mega Menu?

The Mega Menu offers a full-screen dropdown menu where you can put any layout you desire. The setup I’ve tried is simple, but it gives a hint at the potential.

Setting it up:

  1. Backend Overview: The header section provides several blocks and options. The one to look out for is ‘nav nestable’ which breaks down into multiple sections.
  2. Adding the Nav Nestable: Dragging the ‘nav nestable’ option brings in some pre-set features. This acts as the core of our mega menu.
  3. Configuring the Drop Down: We then move to the dropdown section where all the magic happens. You can remove or add links as per your needs.
  4. Mega Menu Activation: After clearing out the links, select the dropdown, which serves as the menu’s parent. On the left, you’ll find the Mega Menu option. Once you activate it, you’re introduced to a full-width menu canvas.
  5. Layout Arrangement: Create a 67:33 split for content arrangement. This creates an asymmetrical division to enhance the content presentation.
  6. Adding Content: Start by adding headings and basic text. You can further divide the space into columns and fill them with content. The icon boxes can be added for visual appeal.

Final Thoughts:

The Mega Menu is a promising addition, especially for those looking for versatility in menu designs. While I personally may not use it extensively, its ease of use and integration with existing tools in Bricks Builder makes it a worthy addition.

Want more details? I’d recommend watching Thomas’s video linked below; it’s thorough and will provide a deeper dive.

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