Bricks Pop-Up Builder & Interactions

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Bricks pop up & interactions

The new pop-up template and interactions in Bricks Builder 1.6 provide a powerful and creative set of tools, making it easy to add all manner of powerful interactions to your website designs.

Bricks Builder 1.5 New Features

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Bricks 1.5 updates

Hot on the heels of the massive Bricks Builder 1.4 update, the beta release of Bricks Builder 1.5 introduces some major changes. Let's dive in and see some of the key new features in action for ourselves.

Bricks Builder First Look

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Bricks First Look

Could Bricks Builder be the new WordPress page and theme builder to topple the like of Elementor from the top? Well, let's take a look at this initial release and some of the key features that interest me the most.