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Bricks Pop-Up Builder & Interactions

The new pop-up template and interactions in Bricks Builder 1.6 provide a powerful and creative set of tools, making it easy to add all manner of powerful interactions to your website designs.

Bricks Builder 1.6 will ship with 2 key new features, the Pop-Up Builder and Integrations. These 2 new features open up a lot of creative potential. In this video, I’ll show you how to get started with these new options and how you can integrate them into your workflow.

The pop-up builder uses the familiar Bricks Template feature for design. You can use any or all the elements you’re used to using. From headings and text to dynamic data.

Once you’ve created your pop-up template, you can assign conditions to control where your pop-up will appear. Control can be as comprehensive as site-wide or as restrictive as a single post or page. This helps give you infinite control over your pop-ups.


Interactions are a powerful way to control how elements interact with each other. For example, how a button click opens a pop-up.

You can use interactions to do so much. There’s a large collection of options, from click actions to tracking the mouse. These are then used to trigger an action.

More Information On the 1.6 Update

Thomas’s Video:
Download 1.6 beta:

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