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ACF Flexible Content Fields With Bricks

Ready to revolutionize your WordPress game? This tutorial unveils the magic of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro's Flexible Content Field feature. Craft custom meta fields like a pro, from project highlights to client feedback. We're not stopping there – seamlessly integrate them with Bricks Builder for ultimate layout control

The video provides a detailed tutorial on using the Flexible Content Field feature within Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro to create custom meta fields in WordPress. The tutorial walks you through setting up these flexible fields to display different types of content, like project overviews and client feedback. The video also showcases integrating these fields with Bricks Builder for custom page layouts.

I’ll start by demonstrating how a flexible content field appears in a real-world example using an advertising executive listing. I’ll then proceed to create these fields from scratch. I’ll show how to name them, associate them with a custom post type, and populate them with elements like text, rich-text editor (WYSIWYG), and image galleries.

After setting up the ACF fields, I’ll navigate to the job section in WordPress to show how easy it is to add these flexible fields to a post. Following that, we’ll go to Bricks Builder to create a layout that accommodates these flexible fields and explain how to populate the fields dynamically.

The tutorial also addresses the use of conditional logic to show or hide these fields based on certain conditions.

For instance, the related flexible field will remain hidden if a job listing has no project details.

Key Points:

  • What is the Flexible Content Field in ACF Pro
  • How to set up custom fields and associate them with custom post types
  • Integrate ACF fields with Bricks Builder for custom layouts
  • Add conditional logic to display or hide fields based on specific conditions.

What You Will Learn:

  • Create unique layouts for different content types like project overviews and client feedback
  • Populate these layouts dynamically using ACF and Bricks Builder
  • Apply styling and conditions to make your layout more interactive.

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