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Build A Custom WordPress Dashboard With Bricks & UDP

WordPress is a powerful tool for creating websites, but the default dashboard can often feel overwhelming, especially for new users. Customising the WordPress dashboard is a great solution to provide a more user-friendly and branded experience.

Here’s how you can transform the typical WordPress interface into something more welcoming and efficient using Bricks Builder and Ultimate Dashboard Pro.

The Default WordPress Dashboard: A Challenge for New Users

The standard WordPress login screen and dashboard can be daunting for those unfamiliar with WordPress. The goal is to simplify and enhance this experience. Using Ultimate Dashboard Pro makes this incredibly easy. In minutes, you can take the default WordPress login screen, making it more welcoming and professional.

The Custom Dashboard: A User-Friendly Interface

After logging in, users can be greeted with a welcoming screen with quick action sections for creating posts, viewing posts, uploading media, and more. These can be tailored to suit the needs of your users. For newcomers, easy-to-follow tutorials can be integrated into the dashboard, making the learning curve much smoother.

How-To Guides and Support

The custom dashboard can include step-by-step guides and images, making it easier for users to navigate WordPress. Additionally, a simple contact form can be placed at the bottom for users to reach out if they need assistance.

Tools for Customization: Ultimate Dashboard Pro and Bricks Builder

To achieve this transformation, we use two essential tools:

  1. Ultimate Dashboard Pro: This paid plugin is invaluable for creating custom dashboards that improve user experience.
  2. Bricks Builder: Alternatively, you can use Elementor or Elementor Pro. For those who prefer Gutenberg, some options integrate its functions seamlessly.

The Power of Imagination in Customization

The most crucial aspect of this process is creativity. When designing a dashboard that meets your or your client’s needs, your imagination is the limit.

Dashboard Code Snippet

Use the following code snippet in your child themes functions.php file or a free plugin like Code Snippets to safely add code to your website without having to access any core files.

 * Hide the dashboard widgets wrap.
function wpturbo_hide_dashboard_widgets() {
    echo '<style>#dashboard-widgets-wrap { display: none !important; }</style>';
add_action('admin_head', 'wpturbo_hide_dashboard_widgets');


Customizing the WordPress dashboard using Bricks Builder and Ultimate Dashboard Pro opens up endless possibilities. It’s about creating a user-friendly environment that’s functional, aesthetically pleasing, and aligned with your brand. With these tools, you can create an inviting and efficient WordPress experience, making it easier for your clients or users to manage their content.

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